With the growing sophistication of the emerging Energy Market in Australia, for business it is no longer a matter of “just pay your bill”. Professional Australian businesses and Enterprises of all kinds around the country are turning to new and better ways of creating their energy to not only survive but to once again prosper.

Power and Light offers commercial and industrial solar and energy systems across regional Queensland, Australia and Internationally to approved clients upon request. 


Sound Solutions For a Rapidly Changing Energy Lamdscape

The harsh reality in the new Australia is that the cost of energy is rapidly continuing to rise for your business and it is not about to slow down or stop.

The world is now embracing the new energy economy with multiple entities fighting for the ability to charge you for power. Yet the prices are not dropping.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it

If you are serious about your growth, development and the protection of your business you cannot afford to neglect your outgoing energy costs. 

The best way to cause your business to survive is to make it stronger, more able to promote, market and service clients. A more energy efficient operating basis is now an essential way to strengthen your ability to deliver continuously through good and bad times.

With your current businesses can you:

  • Generate your own power with the space or land you have available to you

  • Sell power to your tenants

  • Consolidate energy sources to create a better and infrastructure

  • Change your Energy design and reduce your costs permanently

  • Survive the rising cost of power by implementing renewable power

If the current Australian Government was going to bring down the cost of power for you, they would have done it.

You can do something about this, for yourself and Power and Light can show you the way.